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June 2019

This year's National Restaurant Association annual survey of chefs – the What's Hot Culinary Forecast – indicates Americans crave foods that not only nourish them but also help sustain the planet. Plant-based and veggie-centric foods are no longer just for vegetarians. In fact, three of the 15 hottest items are plant-based sausages and burgers, veggie-centric and vegetable-forward cuisine and plant-based proteins. Hyper-local sourcing, including restaurants that grow produce in their own gardens, also made the Top 10 list.


Diversity Table Displays

Diversity Table Contests are held in February, March, May, June, September and November. WINNERS RECEIVE $150!

Spring Rolls

Have a taste for authentic Thai food? Here's an easy-to-craft recipe that will help you satisfy your craving in no time. We can't think of a better way to kick off summer than by making these.

Filipino Chicken Adobo

You might wonder if something this delicious and succulent can be easy to prepare. Well, there’s only one way to find out! This is considered the national dish of the Philippines.

Arrachera Asada – Mexican Grilled Skirt Steak


Tandoori Grilled Tofu

Tandoori-inspired spice rub and smokiness from the grill flavor these tofu strips. A creamy yogurt sauce provides just the right amount of tartness.

Thompson DeLight

Lite Lobster Mac
And Cheese

Don't worry: Our version of lobster mac-and-cheese is just as savory as the traditional dish. You'll love every bite of this rich, creamy seafood favorite.

Menu items marked as FIT meet certain criteria, which were developed to be consistent with current dietary recommendations.

Connect with diners by providing our exclusive reading material at your location. Each month, Our Cultural Calendar, Did You Know and Entry signs are filled with fresh, engaging information for your customers to enjoy. For directors and others making presentations to clients, the PowerPoint slides provide a quick snapshot of our diversity content.



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Café Thompson: The brand, usage and guidelines

Café Thompson is new culinary offering that will improve Thompson Hospitality's onsite presence. With the number of product and corporate brands that are featured in our daily operations, it's easy for the Thompson Hospitality brand to get lost. Café Thompson is a marketing tool that will help solve this challenge.

Café Thompson is a live cooking exhibition and is presented as an action station. All recipes come from the Thompson Hospitality recipe library. You can bookmark the Joint Ventures page and find the recipes there, and they are delivered via the monthly e-blast. Use this program at a minimum of once per month, or you can use it biweekly or weekly.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Café Thompson Marketing

You can find the materials you will need to market this program here. Download the posters and signs that will work best for your operation. Depending on the café station location and space, use a full size poster, an 11" x 17" sign or a regular letter-size sign. Recipes are displayed in a counter-top sign holder or on the poster as seen in the illustration to the left. Display your marketing materials early (when employees first arrive to open and prep) on the day of the event. Also, the chef or employee working the action station must wear a black bib apron branded with the new Café Thompson logo, complemented by a black skull cap.



Menu Template (Word)

Apron Info

Celebrating Foods of the World

These documents come in handy when you need to promote an upcoming appearance by one of our chefs at your location.

Thompson Hospitality
And Compass Group's Partnership Signs

Chef Mendoza

Chef Rivera

Kamal Rose

Gabriel Jonas


June 2019

Sustainability Issue


As part of our joint venture with Compass Group USA, Thompson Hospitality produces a full-color, eight-page publication six times a year. It's perfect reading material for diners to pick up at your location or enjoy via the Web, tablet or smartphone.

Unity Magazine

Unity is a cultural publication from Compass Group and Thompson Hospitality. Approximately 25,000 are distributed in Fortune 500 environments (IBM, Microsoft, Bank of America, Boeing, etc.), K-12 schools systems (Chicago Public Schools), colleges and universities (HBCUs), museums (Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian), and other influential venues in coordination with the official heritage months celebrated throughout the year. Stories are positive, inspiring, and focus on food, art and culture.


Thompson Hospitality Newsletter

Read President and Chairman Warren Thompson's message to all employees. And get up-to-date info on current initiatives, new accounts and much more.

More Tools at Your Disposal

Café and cafeteria managers can make use of our Chef Spotlight Menu Templates (pre-visit) and Evaluation Reports (post-visit). And if you're in need of a vendor, check out our MWBE Suppliers List.

Our Promotional Table Setup document is a visual guide for setting up our marketing materials at client sites.


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Promotional Table Setup

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